Third of primary school teachers worried about kids falling behind

A third of primary school teachers in the Netherlands worry that their pupils will encounter major learning problems if schools remain closed for another four weeks. If schools are closed until the summer holidays, three quarters of teachers expect major problems, according to a survey by education institute DUO among 606 teachers who teach grades 3 through 8, Metro reports.

Teachers worry that students will lose motivation, that distance learning requires too much from parents, that children with learning difficulties will only fall further behind, and that kids who are already struggling will be most affected by this lockdown.

Despite these concerns, the teachers are largely positive about their pupil’s efforts at home. According to the teachers, 73 percent of children are taking distance learning serious, and 18 percent fairly seriously. 7 percent are not putting in much effort, and with 2 percent the teachers have no contact.

94 percent of primary school teachers are currently providing distance learning. 89 percent do so through digital tools. Nearly two thirds also have pupils or parents collect physical teaching materials from school. And one in seven drop teaching supplies off at pupils’ homes.

Teachers are currently giving most attention to the core subjects – mathematics, language and reading. World orientation subjects like geography, history and biology, and creative subjects are getting less focus.